3 Causes of House Fires in Crystal River, FL

According to the National Fire Protection (NFP), residential home fires are among the major causes of property loss and deaths in the United States. Understanding the primary causes of house fires can help you save lives and prevent property loss. Below are the three leading causes of house fires in Crystal River, FL.

1. Cooking

The kitchen is among the most important spaces of your home, but it’s also the first place where residential fires occur. These fires may start when food and other flammable materials ignite. Tragically, cooking fires occur during major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

To avoid such situations, avoid leaving the kitchen unattended when cooking or baking. Also, ensure that your stovetop is clear of wooden utensils or anything that may catch fire. Moreover, install a fire extinguisher in the kitchen area and avoid using the stove or oven whenever you consume alcohol.

2. Electronics and Electronic Wiring

Secondly, house fires also start due to faulty electrical wiring and equipment. Dust buildup can affect the performance of your electrical system and lead to a fire. This issue often happens in older homes in Crystal River, FL.

A fire can also spark when you connect loose wires or overload an electrical outlet with power cords. To protect your house, ensure that you schedule an electrical inspection if you notice bare electrical wires and poorly connected circuits.

Professional house cleaning can help you eliminate the dust that has accumulated around electrical plugs and cords. Moreover, avoid using electrical appliances that spark or smoke when you turn them on.

3. Smoking

Negligent smoking habits are also a major cause of residential fires in Crystal River, FL. When you fall asleep smoking, you’re likely to set your couch or bed on fire, which can lead to a fatality. Throwing still-hot ashes in your trash bin can also set your home on fire.

In summary, a house fire is a devastating and scary experience for you and your family. Contact us at ServiceMaster Professional Services for fire damage restoration services.

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