We all have those objects we hold very close to our hearts that we don’t ever want to let go of. However, when you or your loved one in Beverly Hills, FL, can’t part with any of their possessions even when it’s of no use to them, it might be due to a hoarding disorder. Watch out for the following signs of hoarding disorder.

Unwillingness to Give Up Items

The first, the most common sign that your loved one is suffering from a hoarding disorder is their inability to give up items. These may include unfitting or even torn clothes, old newspapers and magazines, junk mail and other useless stuff. In most cases, these individuals get very overwhelmed by the habit and get very defensive when someone tries to confront them.

No Organization to the Clutter

Is your friend’s home cluttered with unusable items with no value? It’s possible they have a hoarding disorder.

In most cases, an individual with this disorder will have useless and at times unwashed utensils and laundry just lying around the house with no particular arrangement. Moreover, their seats, carpet, bathroom and toilet won’t be clean.

Poor Relationships With Family or Friends

If you notice that your loved one gets very anxious at the thought of disposing of an item, it’s possible they’re suffering from a hoarding disorder. Furthermore, due to the state of their homes, they’re embarrassed to invite friends or relatives over to avoid judgment and prevent people from finding out they have a problem.

How Can You Assist an Individual With a Hoarding Disorder?

Hoarding will not only affect a person’s health but also their safety. With so much clutter lying around, the possibility of physical injury or fire outbreak is high.

If you’re concerned that your friend or loved one has this disorder, seek help from a professional to evaluate them. Moreover, ensure that you empathize with them and offer help when needed.

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