4 Leading Causes of Residential Water Damage in Deltona, FL

Several circumstances can cause water damage in your Deltona, FL, home, including leaky pipes, sewage backups and extreme weather conditions. This type of damage can be disastrous, so it’s advisable to understand the potential causes of this damage and how to handle or prevent them. Here are some common causes of residential water damage in your home.

1. Water Heater Leaks

If you have your water heater in your home, it’s wise to watch out for leaks causing water damage. Water heaters might develop leaks at the tank’s bottom and flood your house. A faulty drain valve or water outlet can also be a culprit of water heater leaks that damage your house.

2. Severe Weather

When natural disasters like hurricanes and thunderstorms happen, they leave your home prone to damage from water. Severe weather can cause flash flooding and the heavy downpour can damage roofs.

As a result, rainwater will find its way into your house. Call the pros for water damage mitigation if you have a flooding situation in your home due to severe weather.

3. A Constantly Running Toilet

Besides producing an annoying sound, a leaky toilet can cause problems in your bathroom if you don’t repair it. A leaking toilet wastes several gallons of water and the wax seal might also be leaking and causing damage to the floor. It’s advisable to hire a plumber if your toilet is running constantly before it causes additional damage.

4. Clogged Drains

Kitchen and bathroom drains can quickly clog from a buildup of grease, dirt and hair. If you postpone drain cleaning for a long time, the drains clog, causing water backups into your home. If you experience water damage from clogged drains, hire our experts for restoration to prevent further property damage.

Take the proper precautions to prevent residential water damage. You can reduce the effects of this damage through prompt cleanup services from experts. Call ServiceMaster Professional Services today for reliable, affordable and top-notch mold remediation services after a water damage situation.

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