If you suffer water damage in your home in Beverley Hills, Florida, you shouldn’t ignore it, even when the cause has been eliminated. You may think that the moisture will dry out, but it can cause serious underlying problems. Dampness can harm the health of your family and could even result in structural damage if not dealt with quickly.

Health Issues

Where you’ve had water damage, the moisture levels increase, which can cause bacterial growth, and that can lead to the release of harmful particulates. Family members who suffer from allergies or asthma could suffer from respiratory problems with biological growth in your home. Plus, if you don’t get the issue fixed, you’ll also have to face musty smells throughout your home.

Structural Damage

Whether your water damage is caused by bad weather, a burst pipe, or an overflowing bath, structural damage can occur if it’s not dried out by water damage professionals as soon as possible. What you may think is just a wet patch on the ceiling could be hiding pooling water, which can lead to a collapse. Similarly, damp walls need to be dried because, once cracks appear, you will be facing a very expensive structural repair.

Electrical Problems

If you have suffered water seepage or flooding, your electrical circuits could be affected, which is extremely serious. Water and electricity do not mix well together and there is a risk of electric shock or even fire. Don’t take any chances where electricity is concerned.

High Utility Bills

Even if you haven’t had an obvious leak, water damage could indicate that a hidden pipe or joint is leaking. It could be behind a wall or under your floor. If you ignore it, not only is it doing more damage, but you’ll also be paying higher utility bills for the water that is being wasted.

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