Plumbing leaks are among the most costly and frustrating problems you might experience in your Beverly Hills, FL home. You can easily detect some leaks, while others are hidden behind walls or in ceilings, making them hard to see. Here are a few warning signs your home has water leaks.

1. Unusually High Water Bill

While water bills may not remain constant, the variance shouldn’t be too huge. Unless you are filling up a huge pool or hosting guests that could potentially increase your water bill, an unusual spike is a red sign. Call a plumber to inspect your home for leaks if you notice an unusual spike in your water bill.

2. Reduction in Water Pressure

Common causes behind a reduction in water pressure include water leaks, faulty valves or sediment buildup in pipes. The presence of water leaks in your plumbing system causes less water to run through the pipes to faucets or where you need it. If you have a sudden decrease in water pressure, yet you aren’t using extra fixtures, it may indicate a leak.

3. Bacterial Growth

The appearance of mold in other areas like on the floor or the ceiling could indicate water leaks. If you smell musty odors in your home, it could point to leaking pipes. They create the perfect environment for mold growth that causes musty odors.

Call a plumber to discover the hidden leak and fix it quickly before it causes water damage. You also need mold remediation services if you already notice mold signs and musty odors in your home.

4. Overgrown Lawn

The presence of wet spots or a lush patch of grass in a specific part of your lawn could indicate pipe leakages. If you don’t fix the leak early enough, you risk the growth of hazardous bacteria that can eventually destroy your yard. Hire a licensed plumber to check for pipe leaks and fix them.

Don’t postpone a plumbing inspection if you experience these water leak signs. Protect your home from water damage by hiring a plumber for repairs. Call ServiceMaster Professional Services today to schedule water damage mitigation services.

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