Hurricane season began on June 1. Along with damage from the wind and rain, hurricanes can cause flood water damage. If your Crystal River, FL, property has water damage from floodwaters, there are several reasons to call in a professional.

Conduct a Proper Assessment of the Water Damage

It can be tempting to save money by cleaning up floodwater damage yourself. However, it is better to leave it to a professional company that is state-licensed and equipped to handle the problem. A professional company will assess the situation and make sure there are no hazards present before entering the building.

Ensure the Building Is Safe

Before doing anything, make sure you turn off the electricity. Look for hazardous materials, cracks in the foundation, and other structural damage that would make the building unsafe. Licensed contractors are trained and equipped with the appropriate protective gear to conduct these tasks safely.

Clean and Dispose of Debris

Because of the contaminants in floodwater, the building should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Instead of calling a handyman to remove damaged household contents, make sure you properly discard the items. Professional contractors will clean and sanitize any salvageable property and appropriately dispose of unsalvageable items.

Ensure the Building is Dry

Once the building is clean, it must be dry before the start of any reconstruction. Moisture could cause dry rot and structural damage. Our professional contractors can confirm that the building is completely dry before beginning restoration.

Successfully Mitigate Water Damage

If your home is in a flood zone, make sure you have flood insurance. For flood water damage mitigation, contact us at ServiceMaster Professional Services so we can assess and fix the situation to ensure your safety.

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