Everyone involved with a construction project in Spring Hill, FL, looks forward to the day the building is finally complete. Whether the project is a simple office addition or a new building construction, project managers know that there is still work to do once the construction crews leave for good. The job is truly complete after a thorough post-construction cleanup, which should involve the following steps.

Remove Debris

Many construction sites resemble a wasteland filled with debris once the construction crew leaves the site for the final time. Trash is likely to litter the area. There may also be sharp or hazardous material lying around that can become safety hazards for visitors and passersby.

A professional construction site cleaner will know what debris needs removal. They will also understand the proper disposal protocol for all trash collected.

Wash Walls

Wall washing is a commonly overlooked post-construction cleanup task. It is hard to imagine the walls of a recently completed construction job without a layer of dust present. Walls may also become a little splattered with things like mud and caulk.

Clean Ducts

Dust will settle into every crack and crevice of a structure once a project is complete. A post-construction cleanup crew will ensure that the space is clear of dust before you make use of the new construction.

Door Frames and Baseboards

Door frames and baseboards are small parts of a room that are easy to overlook. However, they collect as much dust as more noticeable areas. A good professional cleaning team will make sure these surfaces are clean.

Clean Floors

Everyone knows how to sweep and mop a floor, but not many people perform these chores at a level that would pass for a professional floor cleaning. A cleaning service will ensure that your floor is in top condition and ready for use.

A thorough cleanup of a construction site is necessary to ensure the space is clean and feels new. Call ServiceMaster Professional Services in Spring Hill, FL, to ensure a thorough post-construction cleanup after completing your next construction project.

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