5 Things Quickly Ruined by Water in Ocala, FL

Flooding from natural disasters or plumbing emergencies is a problem a few homeowners in Ocala, FL, will encounter at some point. While water damage can be extensive and costly, the good news is that taking prompt action can make a huge difference. So, here are some things in your home that are often ruined by water — and what you can do to limit your losses.

1. Floors, Carpets and Rugs

Since gravity pulls water down to floor level, the most obvious damage to your home will be your floors, carpets and floor coverings. Natural disasters like hurricanes and rainstorms can flood your home so badly that you won’t even be able to see the floors for the first several hours or even several days. By that point, there might not be much left of your floors to salvage.

Rip out and replace floor coverings like carpets and rugs — and sometimes even laminate and stone floor materials. Depending on your home’s construction, even the actual wood structure of the home that lies beneath your floors may need repair.

2. Walls and Ceilings

Water damage to your walls and ceilings is common in multi-story homes and multi-unit apartments when pipes in the walls and ceilings burst or when upstairs sinks or toilets overflow. Remove soaked drywall and insulation immediately and begin mold remediation ASAP to prevent mold from setting in.

Once mold begins to grow, the scope and cost of repairs can increase exponentially. So, time is of the essence to mitigate water and mold damage.

3. Furniture, Mattresses and Bedding

Upholstered furniture and wood furniture are often unusable after flooding. Saturation from sewage or grey water, along with all the refuse and bacteria they carry, makes just about any type of cloth or foam material unsafe for future use.

4. Appliances and Electronics

Flooding can do extensive damage to home appliances and electronics such as TV sets, stereos and computers. But in some cases, there are a lot of things that you can salvage.

Unplug electrical devices, air them out and even towel dry them if you can. But have an appliance repair expert inspect major appliances before turning them back on again to prevent safety issues or further damage.

5. Items With Collectable or Sentimental Value

Lastly, collectible items such as art, antiques, trading cards, comic books and sports memorabilia can lose most or all of their value if damaged in a flood. Truly rare items might still hold some value. But in any case, be sure to have your collectibles evaluated by an expert before assuming a total loss and throwing them out.

Items with sentimental value such as photos, home videos or kids’ schoolwork will often be completely damaged. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do at that point to save them. This is why it’s always a good idea to take digital photos and make digital copies of these items and store them in the cloud, just in case.

If you need professional water damage mitigation, contact ServiceMaster Professional Services immediately. With quick action, we can help salvage your Ocala, FL home and possessions before further water and mold damage sets in.

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