Are Your Ormond Beach, FL, Air Ducts Causing Health Problems?

Did you know that dirty air ducts could be causing allergic reactions and other health problems to your family? This review will show you how to diagnose dirty air ducts and schedule maintenance services for your Ormond Beach, FL, home.

Presence of Mold and Big Clumps of Dust in the Ducts

The presence of molds or dust particles in your ducts is a giveaway sign that you need to schedule ductwork maintenance. Your air ducts are prone to mold growth and dust accumulation if you reside in the humid areas of Ormond Beach, FL.

Our technicians are experts in mold detection and control, and they will let you know whether the mold is harmful to your health. They will thoroughly clean your system and ensure they get rid of all the mold and dust.

The Building Is a New Construction

New constructions typically brings a lot of mess even though your contractors assure you they have done a thorough cleanup job. If you are moving into a newly constructed building, there is a very high chance the building has accumulated dust and debris.

This debris will find its way through your system and coat the air ducts, which might cause health problems. We recommend that you call in our professional duct-cleaning technicians when you move into a newly constructed building.

Unexplained Increase in Your Energy Bills

If your energy bills have been constant throughout the year and you suddenly notice a spike in your monthly bills, it might be time to schedule maintenance services. Your air ducts might be dirty and clogged, making it work harder, and in the process, raise your energy bills. Our technicians will also look for air leaks inside your ductwork and clean out the dust and other obstructions.

Unexplained Noises From the Air Ducts

Over time, you will get to know your air ducts and the type of normal noises it makes when it’s functioning. Therefore, if you notice any unusual noises coming from your motor, blower or air ducts, there might be clogging from debris and dust accumulation .

Our technicians can help you fix this issue by cleaning the ducts. If you reside in Ormond Beach, FL, and need air duct-cleaning services, contact our team at ServiceMaster Restoration by HRB.

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