Knowing that everyone is safe and uninjured is the best thing you can hope for after a fire. Your next thoughts involve whether you can restore the contents of your home or if they are a loss. To help you figure out what to save and what to dispose of in your Ocala, FL, home, here are some tips.

Dry Smoke Versus Wet Smoke Damage

It’s a given that a fire causes damage to many types of items. Wood and paper create dry smoke, which is easier to clean than wet smoke from burned plastic and rubber products. You’ll have better success restoring damaged contents from smaller fires with a drier blaze.

Clothing and Other Fabrics

Basic laundering may be all it takes to clean clothes and other fabric items in your home. Removing soot and smoke from some materials may require special cleaning from a professional dry cleaner. Professional cleaners will carefully clean your clothes made from textile-like fabric with a unique odor and stain removal solution and box them up for you.

Photographs and Collectibles

It’s heartbreaking to lose damaged collectibles and photographs. Fortunately, professionals can restore many of these items. It depends on the extent of the damage and how long items remain wet. It’s best to dry items the best you can as quickly as possible.

Furniture and Appliances Damaged by Fire

If there isn’t too much water damage from the firefighters’ efforts to extinguish the fire, technicians can restore furniture and appliances. You can clean and refinish wood and upholstered sofas and chairs. Here are some of the surfaces that our technicians have the training and appropriate products to remove stains and soot from:

  • Aluminum
  • Tile
  • Brass
  • Marble
  • Chrome
  • Some fabrics

When you experience a fire, call ServiceMaster Professional Services in Ocala, FL, to address your fire damage restoration. Some items may be more cost-effective to replace, but you can restore many of them.

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