Causes of Water Leaks in Your Daytona Beach FL Home

Water leaks can waste water, cause property damage and promote bacterial growth in your home. Since you can’t see most of the pipework inside your house, it might be hard to tell when there’s a potential water leak. Read on for more information on common causes of water leaks in your Daytona Beach, FL home.

Broken and Loose Seals

When installing appliances in your home, technicians use sealing materials around all water connectors. You can also find seals in other places, like on your dishwasher door.

As your appliances grow old, however, these seals might wear out or break. Technicians can repair broken seals to prevent water leaks in your home.

Blocked Drains

Clogged lines can cause inconveniences in your home, leading to overflowing or bursting pipes. For instance, blockages in your air handler drain pans and outside gutters can cause serious water leaks and damage in your home. We can professionally get rid of any bacterial growth if you have leaks due to overflowing pipes or blocked drains.

Faulty Pipework

Your pipe joints are often the weakest points in your pipework. With time, these joints can wear down and cause water leaks in your home.

Often, these pipe joints aren’t easily visible. Even so, you can tell you have damaged pipe joints when you hear banging or ticking noises, especially after turning on the hot water in the shower. Our professionals can help identify the problem and provide necessary solutions to prevent leaks inside your house.

Don’t wait until water leaks cause damage that requires expensive repairs and replacements in your home. Contact us at ServiceMaster Professional Services for emergency water damage mitigation services in Daytona Beach, FL.

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