Cleaning up a house after a fire can be a long and emotional experience. The restoration process takes place gradually. Here is a list of the steps a homeowner should take when they begin restoring their Ocala, FL, home after a fire.

Inspection for Safety

The first step to restoring your home is to have it inspected for safety. Damage to the wall supports, foundations and electrical wiring may pose a risk to your safety. Inspections should be done by the fire marshal or a representative of your insurance provider.

Exterior Clean-Up

After the inspection, you should check the exterior of your home again to ensure that the support structures and foundations are intact. Start by sweeping trash and ash from the debris to create a clear pathway to the interior. Wear protective gear to keep yourself safe.

Cleaning the Interior

Clean the interior by removing excess water, heavily damaged wood and building materials. You can get professional help to assist in drying the house.

Water damage restoration is the repair of damages caused by water to your home. This restoration starts by replacing the walls and floor. You need to make sure that you eliminate mold growth and repair roof damage.

The excess moisture left in the house can lead to mold growth. Mold poses a health risk and can also damage the property. Wipe down all wet surfaces and open the windows to ventilate the house and prevent mold growth.

Smoke from fires contains carbon monoxide and chemicals from burned materials. Inhaling smoke is extremely dangerous to your health. You can use soap and detergents to remove soot from burned furniture and walls.

Any food, cosmetics, medicines and electrical equipment should be disposed of after a fire. You need to eliminate them to prevent health risks.

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