Cleaning Up Your Home After a Flood

Floods are devastating to anyone who experiences one. They can occur anywhere, including Ormond Beach, FL, and they can leave extensive damage to your home. Working with a professional technician, here are some steps you can take to clean up your home after a flood.

Get Professional Assistance

The first step to take after a flood has damaged your home is to have a professional inspection of your home and contact your insurance company. See if there are any foundational cracks to determine if you can go inside, and listen to your professionals’ advice on going inside. Make sure you take photos of all damages to have proof for your insurance provider.

Throw Away Damaged Things

The next steps to take are discarding anything that is damaged beyond repair in your home. Our professionals can assist you in finding items that are salvageable in your home. We will use hoses and pressure washers to cleanup debris.

Remove Extra Water

Any water that remains in crawl space needs to be pumped out to avoid damage to your home. We can use wet vacs to remove excess water that is leftover in the lowest areas of your home.

Dry Out Your Home

The next step will be to dry out your home. Our professionals will utilize dehumidifiers and fans to pull excess moisture from your home to get it ready to go back into. This stage is extremely important as leaving behind moist spots is like leaving behind a breeding ground for bacteria to grow.

Sanitize Hard Surfaces

To stop the growth and spread of microorganisms that have come in with the floodwater, it’s important to disinfect every surface and even objects you’re keeping. These organisms will cause disease and more damage in the long run to your property, so you need to sanitize any hard surfaces after the initial cleaning and drying has been taken care of.

It is always best to contact a professional to assist in cleanup efforts if your home has become flooded. Contact ServiceMaster in Central FL today for professional water damage restoration services.

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