As hurricane season approaches, it is important for Ocala, Florida residents and others living on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts to be prepared. The U.S. government recommends that individuals, families, and communities create a hurricane disaster plan to stay safe during dangerous weather.

Elements of a Hurricane Disaster Plan

Hurricanes are unpredictable. Weather forecasters and government agencies try to keep residents up to date on the course and intensity of oncoming hurricanes. The first step in staying safe is to be informed about a hurricane’s path and destructive potential.

A hurricane disaster plan should include:

  • Receiving alerts and information.
  • Knowing where safe shelter is located.
  • Having an evacuation route.
  • Packing essentials, including drinking water, medicines, and food.
  • Getting your household members to safety.
  • Communicating after evacuating.

After the hurricane has passed, you may be anxious to check on the status of your property. However, part of a disaster plan is determining when it is safe to return to your home and knowing how to clean up.

Implementing the Plan

Meet with the members of your household to discuss the elements of your plan. Include any instructions issued by your community, county or state. Official alerts will let residents know which roads are safe to drive on, locations of shelters and other important information to help you stay safe. Elderly, disabled and young members of your family may need extra time and help in evacuating. Be sure to include medicines and critical equipment, such as wheelchairs, as part of your plan.


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