One of the first questions following a broken pipe or house flood is usually, how long until water damage sets in? Unfortunately, it only takes a few minutes for the water to cause significant damage to your Homosassa, Florida, home.

Less Than an Hour

Water has the ability to damage your home in just minutes, especially if the flood contains sewage water. The contaminated water can quickly ruin your flooring, walls, and furniture on contact. It is best to have water remediated as soon as possible to prevent the problem from getting worse. A remediation expert will remove the water, dry and sanitize the area, and continue to monitor the flooded area for additional damage or water spread.

Less Than a Day

It does not take long for a strong odor to accompany water damage. Within a few hours, humidity mixes with the water and gives off a strong smell. Additionally, wood and laminate materials can begin to peel and bubble. Furniture will become discolored and damaged.

Less Than a Week

It only takes a few days to sustain significant water damage. Biological growth can begin to grow and quickly spread throughout your house. Wood floors and products may warp and become damaged beyond repair. Any paint or wallpaper on the walls will begin to blister and peel.

More Than a Few Weeks

Failing to remediate water damage within a few days can lead to extensive damage that may require a complete gut of the house. Biological growth continues to spread and impacts indoor air quality. At this point, homeowners with allergies or asthma may notice health symptoms. The flooded area is usually beyond repair and will need to be replaced.

As you can see, water damage progressively worsens over time. The damage that requires professional remediation can set in within minutes. Call ServiceMaster Professional Services today at 352-503-8013 to discuss your home remediation needs.

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