Water damage can occur throughout the home when your plumbing isn’t working as it should. While some types of water damage are easy to see, others can occur under the floor or inside your walls, where they can grow without your notice. Help prevent serious water damage to your Homosassa, Florida, home by taking these key steps.

Watch Your Water Bill

Keep an eye on your water bill throughout the year and make a note of any sudden and dramatic changes. Your water use should remain fairly steady, with seasonal fluctuations for things like watering the lawn or filling up a backyard kiddie pool. If your water bill spikes without reason, this probably means that water is escaping somewhere it shouldn’t. Make sure outdoor spigots are off, and examine your pipes for signs of a leak. If you can’t find the culprit, contact a plumber as soon as possible.

Handle Clogs Carefully

Clogs are best handled with a snake rather than a harsh chemical product. These chemicals can damage your pipes, particularly if they’re used frequently. Take measures to prevent clogs as much as possible by using drain traps and staying mindful of what goes into your sink. When you do have a clog, try using a snake first to help prevent more serious damage.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Your roof gutters direct water safely off of the roof and away from your home. To do their job properly, they must stay clean and in good condition. A clogged gutter will lead to a downpour of water near the home, where you don’t want it. This, in turn, may lead to pooling water or leakage into your home. Once water begins to accumulate around exterior walls, you can find yourself facing all kinds of water damage. Be proactive and keep the gutters well-maintained.

While you can take many steps to help prevent leaks in your home, sometimes water damage occurs anyway. If you do get water in your home, it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible. Call ServiceMaster Professional Services at (352) 503-8013 for prompt, thorough water damage mitigation.

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