Mother Nature has blessed Florida with plenty of hazards: hurricanes, alligators, giant bugs and more. Flooding is just one more potentially dangerous situation for Beverly Hills, FL residents to navigate. Just as with stormy weather, having a plan to deal with flooding helps you feel calmer during a stressful time.

Plan Ahead for a Flood

Start by checking the county flood maps to confirm the designation for your property. You may wish to purchase flood insurance even if your mortgage-holder doesn’t require it. Review your existing homeowner or renter insurance policy. Keep in mind that typical policies often exclude water-related damage to the structure and contents of your home.

Protect Your Property

Do as much as you can to secure your property before water is ever a concern. Consider a specialized home inspection to look for weak points with your roof, mechanical systems, and electrical systems. If you have fuel tanks, make sure they are properly anchored. Inside your home, store valuable photos and documents in water-tight containers that are easy to grab if you must evacuate. If your property is likely to flood, consider packing go-bags for each person, including a checklist of important documents, insurance information, and phone numbers.

Plan for Flood Recovery

Once you’re allowed back into your neighborhood, you may find the best option is to hire experienced professionals to mitigate the water damage and start the cleanup. Whether you do it yourself or hire a crew, the home will need proper ventilation to dry out the areas affected by the flood waters. A qualified crew can also talk to you about whether any soaked items can be safely restored or if everything must be disposed of.

Learn more about water damage mitigation services for Beverly Hills, FL at the ServiceMaster Professional Services website or by giving us a call.

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