A house fire is so devastating that it’s hard to know what to do first. Don’t let the trauma feed into paralysis and procrastination. There are steps you need to take right away before the smoke and water damage cause even greater devastation to your Ocala, FL, home. Some of your possessions may be salvageable with quick action.

First Things First

After people and pets have a place to stay and any injuries have been treated, contact your insurance company to start the claim. Don’t try to hunt through your house unless the fire department says it is safe. Even then, consider the site too dangerous for children and animals. There may be sharp items protruding, and the soot and chemicals coating everything creates a hazard.

Assessing the Damage

Along with understanding the condition of your home, your insurance company will want a list of damaged contents. You will find this easier to generate if you have kept good records all along. A useful home inventory includes receipts and serial numbers. Unfortunately, you will quickly find that everything the flames left behind is wet and smells like smoke. To minimize the ongoing damage, you’ll need to work fast.

Moving Ahead With Recovery

Your insurance company may cover the costs of fire cleaning and restoration. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the coverage before you sign up, as it may affect how you proceed. Professional cleaners know how to properly dry out the space, remove smoke residue from the remaining structure, and identify which items to clean and which are beyond repair. This is an emotional time, so having an experienced, professional crew can help you stay on track as you begin to rebuild your life.

Find out more about fire restoration services for your Ocala, FL home at the ServiceMaster Professional Services website or by calling us.

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