Preparing for a Hurricane

Authorities recommend preparing in advance for a hurricane to keep you, your loved ones and your property safe in Spring Hill, FL. If a hurricane is predicted for your area, be prepared for power outages, high winds, and flooding. Even if you live inland, a strong hurricane can cause damage as far as 100 miles away from coastal areas.

Having a plan in place will help you act efficiently. Follow evacuation instructions for your community. After you return home, evaluate the damage. Use a company that specializes in disaster recovery services to restore your belongings and property to pre-flood condition.

Prepare to Evacuate

Hurricane season for the Atlantic and Gulf regions is officially from June 1 to November 30. Prepare an evacuation kit with enough supplies to last three days. Include bottled water, medicines and any special dietary items that you may need. Include a flashlight, batteries, candles and a lighter or matches. Also include basic first aid supplies, blankets, and sturdy shoes. Keep your gas tank full and cell phones charged.

Have a plan for your pet’s safety also. Note that most shelters do not allow pets.

Keep a file of your important documents in a waterproof bag. Bring them when you leave. If you leave, unplug all appliances. Leave a note in an obvious place stating that you have evacuated and include your phone number.

Protect Property

Make sure trees and other vegetation are trimmed. Clean gutters to keep water from backing up onto the roof or siding. Board windows and doors with heavy marine plywood.

If you stay at home, create a safe room for supplies and shelter. Never run a generator inside. If water rises, go to the highest level of the house. However, do not go into an attic that does not open to the roof.

Check Insurance Policy

If you live in an area that may flood, check your insurance policy. Many homeowner policies do not cover flooding. Evaluate the financial impact of suffering loss of property compared to higher-cost premiums.


When you return home, photograph damage. Call a certified recovery services company to ensure that damage is properly treated. ServiceMaster Professional Services provides professional disaster remediation for commercial and residential buildings. Keep our telephone number, (352) 503-8013, with your important papers. We offer 24-hour emergency services.

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