Don’t wait until the last minute to start preparing for a hurricane or tropical storm. If you make a plan and take action before bad weather is forecast in Spring Hill, FL, you won’t feel as much stress during a storm warning and will be able to focus on staying safe. Sign up for cellphone weather alerts and check the evacuation maps to familiarize yourself with the planned routes. There are several more steps you can take to feel prepared.

Planning Before Bad Weather

At the beginning of storm season, which starts in June, put together a hurricane box or check the supplies in your existing box. You should have flashlights, fresh batteries, a weather radio, first aid supplies, candles, and matches. If you think you might shelter in place, be sure to stash a good supply of bottled water. Consider investing in a generator. If you are more likely to evacuate, pack go-bags with the necessities for each member of the household.

Protecting Your Valuables

In an emergency, you’ll want important papers, photos, and other valuables to be easily located. Take the time to get organized before you’re facing a storm. Check and update your insurance coverage, consider protecting documents and photos in waterproof containers, and make a checklist to use in case of evacuation. Include important phone numbers and insurance policy numbers.

Preparing for Recovery

If a storm hits your Spring Hill, FL home, it might take some time before you’re allowed to travel to and from your neighborhood. The priority is to stay safe. However, you may wish to have work gloves, disinfectant, and tools available for light cleaning and repairs.

For help cleaning up major water damage, including mold remediation, reach out to a professional to make sure the job is done right. Check out the ServiceMaster Professional Services website for details or call us 24 hours a day.

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