A popular material for kitchens, bathrooms and flooring, tile is found in the majority of homes in Central Florida. Durable, versatile and attractive, it adapts well to a variety of applications. While it’s relatively easy to keep tiles clean, the grout that holds them in place is another matter. Over time, dirt, grease and grime can penetrate the surface, leaving stubborn stains. Professional tile and grout cleaning offers you an effective way to restore your tiles to like-new condition.

The Problem with DIY Tile Cleaning

From home remedies to off-the-shelf products, there are a number of grout-cleaning methods available for DIY enthusiasts. Some offer seemingly positive results but can actually cause more problems than they solve. Housekeeping maven Martha Stewart cautions against using vinegar, lime, bleach or ammonia, which can damage the grout. The home maintenance pros at This Old House recommend commercial steam cleaning as a safer alternative.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Equipped with specialized high-pressure cleaners, reputable professionals get the job done without causing damage to the grout or tiles. Controlled streams of hot water are applied to the surface in order to lift and remove dirt and grime safely. At ServiceMaster Professional Services, we make sure that every nook and cranny gets detailed attention. We address stubborn stains, clean baseboards and cover every corner. Best of all, we back up our services with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

Tile and Grout Sealant Services

To ensure that you enjoy long-lasting results, our cleaning professionals also offer grout sealing services. Sealant not only helps protect the grout from dirt but safeguards it against moisture too. This prevents biological contaminants like mold from gaining a foothold in the grout. Sealant makes the grout more resistance to damage, and it makes upkeep a whole lot easier as well.

As a home restoration specialist, ServiceMaster Professional Services is proud to offer deep-cleaning solutions that enhance your life in Central Florida. If you’re tired of grimy grout, check our tile and grout cleaning section or call 352-503-8013.

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