Mold is a toxic substance that can damage your Crystal River, FL, home and cause serious health problems. You know mold is bad, but if you’re like most people, you don’t realize the different types of biologic growths that could grow and thrive in your home. Here’s what you need to know about toxic mold.

Mucor and Acremonium Mold

Mold inspections often uncover mucor. This type of biologic growths is white or gray-colored. It grows fast and is found in AC units, ductwork, and wet carpeting. Mucor loves those areas because the condensation and moisture create the perfect environment for it to grow. People living in homes infested with this biologic growths species are at a higher risk of developing ongoing health problems such as asthma, damage to their lungs and brains, and even mucormycosis, rare fungal infection.

Acremonium is another biologic growth that grows in HVAC units. Its color ranges from pink or orange to grey or white and is often powdery. People exposed to this biologic growth species are at a higher risk of developing immune system diseases, bone marrow illnesses, and impaired brain function.


Fusarium has a pink, red, or white color, spreads quickly, and can be found on carpets, fabric, and in wallpaper. It’s the type of mold that also grows on food. People who live in a home that has fusarium might find they have more problems with allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny noses, and sore throats. Some people could develop internal bleeding, nervous system damage, and bone infections in severe cases.


Stachybotrys is also called black mold. Most people assume black mold is dangerous and are 100% correct. It’s the most dangerous type of biologic growth and can cause many severe health issues, including fatigue, sinus issues, depression, and breathing issues. Children who are exposed to stachybotrys have been diagnosed with nervous system diseases.

Mold affects everyone in the household, including pets, and is a substance you must have removed immediately. But don’t try to clean or remove the any type of biologic growths yourself; it’s too dangerous. Instead, call ServiceMaster Professional Services for safe and professional mold mitigation services.

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