Water damage due to plumbing issues or natural phenomena can randomly occur in your Beverly Hills, FL, home. The damage caused by water damage can often be extensive and expensive, making it a leading cause of in-home insurance claims. The best solution for water damage is hiring for water damage mitigation services, and here’s how to prepare for one.

1. Schedule an Inspection For Water Damage Mitigation

When water damage, unfortunately, occurs in your home, you should immediately contact our team for water damage mitigation services. Expect some questions to determine the state of the water damage and schedule a visit from our professionals. As agreed, we’ll visit your home to survey the extent of the water damage.

The water damage assessment tests help our team know the best solutions, how far the water soaked into your property, and any mold growth or dampness. You might have to sign some documents to initiate the repair process of the water damage mitigation.

2. Draining or Removal of the Water

After the inspection, our certified and trained professionals will start extracting the water still on your property. How the process of water removal depends on the sort of damage caused as the damages occur in different categories, and the type of water, such as clean, gray or black.

Our water remediation experts possess proficient pieces of equipment such as powerful fans, underwater pumps, and vacuums to use for water remediation. The services should occur quickly to save on more damage occurring.

3. Sorting Out Items

Once all water drains away from your home, our team will sort out any damaged items such as carpets or furniture pieces. Some essential items may survive from the damage, and our team will check for any ways to save them.

4. Drying and Cleaning Your Home

To ensure that your indoor air quality is not affected and to control the moisture, drying and dehumidification processes will occur. Drying activities may take some time, but our team will see the process through in due time.

After your house is dry and undamaged items salvaged, cleaning will take place. Our experts are well-trained to effectively clean your home and eliminate any bacteria or odors that may still linger behind.

Water damage mitigation services need to take place as soon as you detect water damage in your home. Contact ServiceMaster Professional Services this fall for all your water damage or fire damage mitigation services.

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