Whether your water damage comes from a flood or a leaky faucet, it can cause health and safety problems along with extensive issues in your walls, floors, and ceilings. To minimize damage, have a professional like ServiceMaster Professional Services start cleanup and repairs as soon as possible. Here are some more tips for restoring your Spring Hill, Florida, home after water damage.

Shut Off Your Utilities

You can shut off the water to a leaky sink or toilet with a knob near the fixture. If you have a leak in a pipe inside your walls, turn off the water for your entire house until you find the source and have it repaired. If water comes near your outlets, light fixtures, or appliances, shut off your electricity to prevent shocks.

Protect Yourself

Water in your home could contain raw sewage and other pollutants. If you need to retrieve valuables, wear rubber gloves and waterproof boots. If you have damaged doors or windows, nail boards over them to keep burglars away. You’ll also discourage snakes, feral cats, rats, and other creatures. Stay at a hotel or with relatives until the water is removed and the damage is repaired. If you can’t restore damaged items, get rid of them to keep your indoor air quality high.

Prevent Future Problems

Water often leads to biological growth that could cause allergy symptoms, sore throats, fatigue, headaches, and other health issues. An expert can use special equipment, including dehumidifiers and industrial fans, to remove excess moisture, restore your damaged items, and apply an antimicrobial solution to prevent future problems. Have your home’s air tested by a professional for microorganisms that could impact your family’s health. If the water came from your plumbing, get it repaired.

ServiceMaster Professional Services has 30 years of restoration and repair experience. We can help you make your home look like new after severe damage. For excellent service from our knowledgeable technicians, call us anytime at 352-503-8013.

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