The carpet in your Spring Hill, Florida, business gets a lot of traffic and collects a lot of dirt. Keeping the carpets in your business cleaned regularly is important, and that’s why having a commercial carpet cleaning maintenance plan is beneficial. Let’s look at three benefits you’ll receive with this service.

Keeps the Indoor Air Quality High

Dirt, dust, allergens, and other contaminants get trapped inside the carpet. In addition, pesticides, herbicides, pieces of asphalt, and other dangerous toxins trapped on the bottom of people’s shoes get caught in the carpet. These potentially harmful pathogens get released into the air and may cause asthma and allergy attacks as well as other health issues. Monthly cleaning of your carpets helps to keep the indoor air quality high and employees and patrons healthier.

Extends the Life of the Carpets

Carpeting is an expensive investment and you want to protect it for as long as possible. Our steam extraction process pulls the dirt and contaminants out of the carpet, yet is gentle enough to maintain the integrity and beauty of the carpet. Steam cleaning, known as deep cleaning, is effective at pulling dirt and stains from the deepest levels of the carpet’s pile. Your carpets will look fresh and last a long time.

The Carpets Will Look, Feel, and Smell Better

Dirty carpets become matted and soon look old, feel rough to the touch, and begin to smell bad. Regular cleaning fluffs up the fibers, so they look and feel better. Professional steam cleaning removes spots and stains that give the carpet a dirty and unmaintained look. Cleaning removes odors that can make the building smell bad. With regular cleaning, the carpets will help to give your business a professional look and a welcoming appearance.

Feel free to give our friendly team at ServiceMaster Professional Services a call today to discuss our carpet cleaning process, and to sign up for our carpet cleaning maintenance plan. We look forward to speaking with you.

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