Residential Hoarding Cleanup and Removal Services in Crystal River, Ocala, Spring Hill, Beverly Hills, FL and Surrounding Areas

Walking into a hoarded home can be a shock. There may be items stacked or piled to the ceiling. There may also be unidentifiable odors, pest infestations and other biohazards, including animal waste. It's going to be OK. ServiceMaster Professional Services has seen it all. We know there's a real person at the heart of the problem, and we will do everything possible to help that individual maintain dignity and start recovering.

Hoarding cleanup

Hoarding Services Provided With Sensitivity and Compassion

We understand that hoarding is a difficult condition to control or overcome. It's not about laziness or mere disorganization. It may be rooted in a traumatic event or an overwhelming compulsion or anxiety. Regardless of the cause, we always treat the individual with respect, and we never want anyone to feel humiliation or added shame. Working with experts, we've developed a three-part hoarding services program to give the individual and the family a greater chance at making a real, lasting change.

There Is Hope for Hoarding

  • Understanding, listening and connecting: The process begins with communication. We have conversations with the family as well as the person who has been hoarding. There needs to be an intention to change old habits.
  • Creating a plan, cleaning and sorting: We develop a plan to guide everyone through the days of cleaning and sorting. The homeowner makes all of the decisions about what to keep and what to discard. Our team does the heavy lifting and carts away donations and trash. We also provide sanitizing, cleaning and organizing help for the items that remain.
  • Family, aftercare, and follow-up: We want all of the hard work to bring lasting success. We work with the family and the individual on a strategy for aftercare and support. We also provide follow-up services to help ensure the home is maintained.

Professional, Safe Hoarding Removal

From the initial hoarding removal assessment to the final cleanup, we're on your side. We safely remove trash, sort through treasures and clean away germs. If needed, we also provide repairs services and mold removal. ServiceMaster Professional Services is your single-source response team for a successful hoarding clean up and recovery. Contact us today to start the journey out of hoarding.

ServiceMaster Professional Services provides extensive services to homeowners throughout Daytona Beach, Deltona, Port Orange, Palm Coast, plus Crystal River, Ocala, Spring Hill, and Beverly Hills, and the surrounding communities. Our team of trained project managers, crew chiefs and technicians is standing by to help you. Our company philosophy is based on a commitment to restore every customer’s peace of mind, provide excellent customer service and communication.

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